VB-S&T is company specialised in extrusion spinning machines for the production of continuous filament synthetic yarn.
Its personnel is all very experienced, with background of several spinning machines installed worldwide.
All designs and production know-how are VB-S&T property.
On the field of polyester and polyamide yarns, VB-S&T can supply a full range of multi-module spinning machine to satisfy all Customer needs. Machine design for textile yarn production have a very flexible design in order to produce POY, HOY & FDY.

Machine design for industrial yarn is based on a very innovative draw field set up.
On the field single-double module spinning machines for polyester, polyamide and polypropylene, VB-S&T has developed “EASYSPIN FLEX”, a single/double module spinning machine that has the flexibility to run different polymers with different machine set-up, suitable to produce yarn for textile and Industrial application.
On the field of Polypropylene spinning, VB-S&T has developed “EASYSPIN”, a single/double module spinning machine that is based on a very flexible concept that allows to easily change its configuration to produce POY, MT and HT yarn.