EASYSPIN-BICO- Compact spinning machine for BICOMPONENT YARN
For multifilament yarns POY-FDY

EASYSPIN-BICO concept is the solution to produce all types of bicomponent POY and FDY.
The accuracy of the process control (temperatures, pressures, residence time, etc.) allows achieving the highest quality standards.
The EASYSPIN-BICO concept has the flexibility to produce as well conjugate yarns.



  • All types of bicomponent yarns: Sheat/core; Side by side; Islands in the sea; Segmented Pie
  • Combination of different polymers PET/Co-PET/PTT/PA/PP/PE/TPU etc.
  • All types of conjugate yarns: homo-polymer; bi–polymer; standard dpf and microfilament
  • Dope dyed yarn with VB-MAST technology or traditional gravimetric system
  • Low energy cost
  • Low cost easy maintenance
High Tenacity Yarn production
 EasySpin Bico concept has the flexibility to produce conjugate yarns