EASYSPIN-TPU- Compact spinning machine for POLYURETHANE (TPU)
For monofilament and multifilament yarns

EASYSPIN-TPU concept is designed to produce high quality elastomeric polyurethane yarns.

EASYSPIN-TPU is based on dedicated design for extrusion, spinning and quenching of TPU. The design allows the injection of pre-polymer if required by resin and final product.

EASYSPIN-TPU is completely pre-assembled in our workshop before delivery to our Customers.

Available in different configuration:


  • Single module type 8/10/12/16/20
  • Double module type 8+8/10+10/12+12/16+16/20+20
  • Multiple modules



  • Range of denier: design available from 10 to 150 denier
  • Dope dyed yarn with VB-MAST technology or traditional gravimetric system
  • Low energy cost
  • Low cost and easy maintenance
  • Fast installation
EasySpin TPU for Polyurethane
EasySpin TPU